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Brad Hauck's Biography

An Introduction to Computers

Beginning life in the suburbs of Brisbane, Brad grew up during the time when computers started to mark their mark on the urban landscape. His first computer was a Commodore 64 with audio tape drive and dot matrix printer (not unlike modern shopping docket printers).

In high school he spent far too much time programming the new Apple IIe computers during lunch, starting fresh each time because there was no way to save. Eventually the evolution of single 5 1/4″ disk drives meant that his work could be saved to be built upon. He even got to see a colour computer when the teachers hooked up a computer to an old tv.

Working on Computer Systems

Upon leaving school, Brad completed a 4 yr apprenticeship with Telecom Australia. Working in telephone exchanges meant that he was coming into contact with the “powerful” XT computers with their 10 Mb hard drives that we used to run the exchanges and handle information / orders. Being the youngest member of staff, he got the job of learning all the new software – Microsoft Works – to complete the reports on.

He also learnt how to strip and build computers from the motherboards up.It was here that he developed his ability to quickly learn and use different software. It started a lifelong love of trying new software and getting to know its features whether online or on a desktop computer

A Change of Focus

Brad took himself back to University in 1990, completing a DipTeach (Primary) then after taking up a position in a Central school (Yr 1 – 12) as a High School generalist, he graduated with a B.Ed (Computer Ed 7-12) from U.N.E. Taking positions offered to him in Private Education and for Education Queensland, Brad filled rolls from classroom teacher to Computer Specialist.

He has been responsible for working with and training teachers, managing the technical and software aspects of networks of up to 130 PCs, and planning and implementing new technology & software to support learning for adults, children and special education. During these years, Brad completed and graduated with a M.CurricSt(Hons) writing his Thesis around how people used the internet to search.

Writing & Publishing

To help teachers, Brad started writing computer training books aimed directly at classroom teachers who needed to teach computing but didn’t know how. His first book, “The Microsoft Word Workbook” was a best seller being sold into thousands of schools Australia wide. This was followed by the first Internet activities book “Aussie Netquest” which can still be found in many libraries.Other books on spreadsheets and databases for teachers followed.

The Move to the Internet

Whilst completing his thesis on how people search the internet (1996), Brad helped develop a website, (which still runs today) where he started selling his books into the American and international market as downloadable PDF books. 99% of the market is still in the USA.

Many thousands of teachers worlwide now have his classic “60 Computer Lesson Plans for Tired Teachers” and other titles. It has now been replace by “Integrated Computer Lesson Plans for Tired Teachers” which uses modern software, technologies and skills to integrate computers into the classroom.

Success Certificates - over 90,000 members

When looking for award certificates, he noticed a open niche in the market and started a website called onto which he uploaded some Word templates and PDFs that people could download and use. Within months the site was handling 1000 visitors a day. Signing up for a free membership allows users access to thousands of templates now and with over 80,000 members, new visits still sit at over 3000 a day & 250 new members.

Helping other Companies find Search Engine Success

Brad started managing Promote Search Engine Optimisation in 2007 bringing his experience in selling online and building free organic search engine traffic to other businesses. Promote helps many companies local, national and international to “Get found in Google” and increase their online exposure to people searching for what they sell or do. He’s run training in SEO, spoken at conferences, advised companies on marketing strategies and produced traffic that has sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in services and products.

So Where Does that put Brad?

Having ridden the wave of computer implementation into the Australian workplace, Brad has literally been working on computers for over 28 years. He was online when the web was grey with black writing and blue links and has experienced, used, tested or read almost every new course, website or software to help with internet sales, traffic building, website development or business.

His teaching skills allow him to share his experiences, make learning fascinating and take complex internet topics and make them simple for all to understand and implement. More importantly… he never stops learning. Brad reads an average or 4 books a week, listens to more audio than he cares to measure and spends far too much time online looking for new ideas to help people succeed.

And who knows what the future will bring… What ever it is, Brad’s love of technology will have him working with others to them succeed.
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