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Outsourcing with Elance & Odesk... Live the 4 Hr Work Week!

Trainer: Brad Hauck - MrWebMarketing
: 9am - 12 (3 hours)
Food: Includes Morning Tea
When: 7th July 2009
Where: Helensvale, Gold Coast
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Want to live the 4 Hour Work Week or Just Get a Couple of Extra Hours Back? Learn the Secrets of a Professional Outsourcer and Save Time and $$$!

Discover the Step by Step Outsourcing formula that will bring you Profit and Time!

Everyone is talking about outsourcing these days but have you tried to outsource a project or job through Odesk or Elance but didn’t have much luck? Guess what... You're not alone.

In this 3 hour workshop, you will learn the most effective methods of getting your job completed successfully and on time.

I attended the Blogging Workshop run by Brad Hauck - MrWebMarketing. It was brilliant. I took 3 friends along for the ride and they all loved it to. Quick, easy, actionable tasks were given to us which we all have implemented in the past week. I have noticed a significant increase in my CTR and the traffic to my blog. It all makes sense and I look forward to the next powerful workshop. Thanks Brad.
Jackie Mikami Gold Coast, http://www.joltconsulting.com.au

What is outsourcing and how can it help me become more productive?

Discover the advantages & disadvantages of outsourcing before you waste money discovering them the hard way!

What are Odesk and Elance? What makes them different?

There is so many outsourcing sites - Guru, Scriptlance, Elance, Odesk, Rentacoder but what is the difference between them and why should I pick one over the other?

What should you outsource?

Not every project is suitable for outsourcing.. don't make fatal mistakes early in your outsourcing career.

How to prepare before posting a job.

Preparation is one of the main keys to success when outsourcing a project or finding a new staff member to take over work for you. Learn how to prepare properly. Remember Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!

Writing a brief that works.

For any job, you need to write a brief to get bids. Learn how to write a brief based upon our money saving formula.

Laying out requirements, information & descriptions

There is so many things that you can cover in your brief but what should you include? What is a good description and how does it differ from what I am doing now? How long should it be?

Doing diagrams and drawings.

A little know fact: A picture says a thousand words :-) Well a drawing can save you loads of time and money. A video could save you even more!

Posting your job.

How to actually upload a job, what you need to attach and what to do next.

References and tests

So someone has put in a hot bid... but are they the best person for the job? How do you check their references and decide who to bother interviewing? Our little known Google trick...

Interviewing potential workers

How do you get a 'feel' for the person you are talking with? What can you do to get a better idea that they're the one? Ways of contacting them and getting them to jump through qualifying hoops to get your job.

Making the decision

Ok so it has come down to 2 or 3 people, how do you decide who to hire?

Awarding the job and handling the money.

Sometimes a job cost a lot of money to have completed... what can you do to protect yourself and what can you negotiate to keep it as small as possible till you're satisfied with the work?

Building trust with IM

Working through a project. How to keep in touch with workers. What you should expect and what to do when they let you down. Not everyone is reliable and we'll show you a recent project we did.

Working with schedules.

Sometimes it's almost impossible to keep a project on schedule. What timeframe should you expect? How does it compare with having it done locally?

    Long term employment of staff – advantages & disadvantages

    What are the advantages and disadvantage of keeping staff on a permanent basis. What agreements can you come to and how good can this be for your future projects.

    Hi Brad. Thank you for the ‘Blogging for Traffic’ workshop last week. Its something I’ve been needing to get my head around for some time  and you answered all of my questions and more! You have set me on a path to confidently create and maintain my own blog site. I will without hesitation recommend this workshop to others. You presented what appears (to blog novices like me) a technical topic in an easy-to-understand manner. Thanks again and I’m looking forward to more workshop events. 
    Kim Herringe, Red Creative, Brisbane.

    Who Should Attend

    People who want to set up blog and drive traffic using search engine optimisation and social media marketing techniques.

    1. Webmasters
    2. Marketing professionals
    3. Business owners and/or staff
    4. and individuals
    Investment: $125 inc GST per Attendee

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