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Are you looking for a Motivational Guest Speaker who understands the Internet and how People can use it?

Brad specialises in speaking on a topics built around the use of Internet technology/website, its uses and integration into life and business. Building one online business that has over 95 000 members and having also spent 12 yrs working in education and with educational professionals, he is acutely aware that knowledge is useless if it can’t be applied in the ‘real’ world. Brad’s knowledge of online sales and marketing comes from real world experience running websites and actually selling online since 1997.

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Note: If you require a speaker who can develop a speech or training session built around your conference theme, please contact us as Brad is more than happy to work with you to help make your conference a success.

Leading Edge Topics

Understand Web 2.0 & It’s Business Applications

What is Web 2.0? Is it for your business or is it a waste of time? Not every business finds Web 2.0 suitable for them. Work out what tactics and sites will work with your offline business and which will be a waste of your time!   

Internet Marketing Sales Topics

Driving your Online Sales Up… Up… Up…

Discover the secrets to increasing your online sales through traffic building, SEO, hidden profit centres, wasted pages, email marketing, free giveaways & more.

Devastate your Competition: Planning your Online Success!

Devise a plan for your website so that it rakes in the money for your company. Why not plan to succeed at a time when most websites are built without little thought or planning to start with?

Plugging the Holes in your Website Profits

Taking advantage of the hidden profit centres found in every website. Your site could be leaking traffic and $$$ at every turn. Locate these centres and set them up so that you get the best result out of every visitor to your site.

Graduate to the Top of Google - SEO

Brad will take you through the processes involved in Search Engine Optimisation and traffic building using the search engines. Learn about keywords, meta tags, link building, online press releases & more.

Find the Keys to Using the Internet to do Business

One of the keys to using the Internet successfully is to work out a strategic approach by planning which technologies, sites, techniques are best suited to your project. Brad helps you to define a plan that will work for your business.

“The Ten Secrets That Can Rocket Your Website To The Top Of The Search Engines In Less Than 30 Days!”

Find out why some websites get less than 100 visitors a month while others get 1000’s a day for free. Learn 10 simple techniques that can increase your traffic and your ranking on Google, MSN and Yahoo. Uncover the FREE resources that you can use to drive your traffic through the roof!
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Brisbane SWAP

Brad will be speaking at Brisbane SWAP (Greek Club) on the 31st July 09. If..


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